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EVA Facial Mouse APK Download

EVA Facial Mouse APK

EVA Facial Mouse APK

EVA Facial Mouse APK Download – EVA Facial Mouse APK 2018, EVA Facial Mouse 2018, EVA Facial Mouse APK For Android, EVA Facial Mouse For Android, EVA Facial Mouse APK 2019 , EVA Facial Mouse APK 2017 , New EVA Facial Mouse APK | EVA FACIAL MOUSE is an application developed as well as advertised by CREA with the assistance of Fundación Vodafone España.

EVA FACIAL MOUSE is a complimentary and open source application that allows the access to features of a mobile device through tracking the customer face captured via the frontal electronic camera. Based upon the movement of the face, the app permits the customer to manage a reminder on the screen (i.e., like a mouse), which supplies straight accessibility to the majority of aspects of the user interface.

Eva Facial mouse apk

People with amputations, spastic paralysis, spine injury, muscular dystrophy, several sclerosis, amyotrophic side sclerosis (ALS) or other specials needs could be recipients of this application.


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EVA Facial Mouse APK Download
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